Musashi Sydney 2013

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Musashi Sydney 2013

I supposed had it posted on my blog last year, but I didn’t until now,  cause I thought I might just take down as a record.

Musashi - 武藏。 位於雪梨市中心,靠近唐人街的一家日式料理,好幾年前只要去市區,午餐、晚餐時間經過它,總是大排長龍,生意熱絡不斷,沒有吃過的餐廳,自然會跟著熱潮也品嘗看看。好些年前與好友一起享用午餐。但由於時間久遠,我已不太記得我們點了甚麼、吃了甚麼。

Musashi in Sydney to me is an expensive japanese restaurant. I’been there once with a friend couple years ago. We shared lunch together. but the time was too far to remember what we had exactly, and we didn’t take photo that time.
Last year I visited again with my brother and my cousin. We had lunch together as well. I would always remember the day, It was the day I took a test for study graphic design course.
I still remembered how excited I was, sharing my family all the test about on the table.

Anyway, it’s out of topic. I should drag you back, as I am going to recite musashi dishes now.
Three of us all ordered lunch set, it ways we could have variety of choice to taste.
Sushi set.


It’s my cousin’s lunch set. It was during February, still hot in Sydney. She chose to have a lite set.
and all I had was her egg sushi. I love egg sushi, everytime I go sushi train, my first plate is always tamagoyaki.


Then it came on with my brother’s lunch set.
Neither he nor I could remember what he had exactly, but I guess it’s chicken Katsu or chicken and egg don.
As I remembered he said about how difficult to find pork katsu in Sydney Japanese restaurant.

DSC_0040_100  DSC_0041_101

A close shoot from chicken katsu, the photo on right is Chirashi & Udon set.

Chirashi & Udon set.  - Udon and Salad part.

I was unable to finish sashimi rice, my stomach acted weirdly. Nothing to do with the restaurant and the freshness of food. It’s my stomach. I could only finish the udon, and swap the dish with my brother, and he enjoyed it.

Well, it’s  “We all enjoyed it.”
Izakaya Musashi
5/447 Pitt St Sydney NSW 2000
+61 2 9280 0377




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