I get in!

1月 31, 2006 1
      終 於呢,我有機會進入IT 網頁設計這一門科系了,本來老師還一直說他認為我可以讀其他某科...(沒有我想玩的CSS)大概是我眼巴巴的一直望著那門我想讀的那個課程,看到讓老師不忍心讓我失望,就讓我進去吧~ OH~ YEAH~^^ 我之所以會想選這門科目,都是因為那個CS...

What's great about Pandora?

1月 30, 2006 2
      Hey Guys, May I introduce one cool website to you? Pandora is a website that play hips of similar songs according to the song you like...

About John

1月 29, 2006 1
      It is always good to hear when someone who haven't seen you for long and they can still remember your name! I went to Bondi Juncti...

Ⓒⓞⓞⓛ ⓝⓔⓦ ⓣⓗⓘⓝⓖ

1月 27, 2006 0
      MSN space is getting so much different now, there are tips around whenever you are editing your space. Here in MSN space you can also ...
1月 27, 2006 0
           學習增加一些星星阿圈圈阿..及愛心在上面,暫時不做閃字,拿各姐姐們的照片來做素人底圖    一個很簡單化的logo,想學更多,目前自習了關於:網頁設計的東西跟programming,然後又花了三個小時在自習英文,我想,我的確學到些什麼!!        剛開...

Australia Day

1月 26, 2006 3
      今天是澳洲的大日子─國慶日!City那邊真是人山人海,不僅會看到許多澳洲人穿戴著印有國旗的衣服,也會看到許多小孩子臉上都被畫上國旗、或是弄個澳洲國旗的tatoo以示" I   ❤ Australia" On Australia Day we co...

有目標就要GO FOR IT

1月 26, 2006 1

I'm missing you

1月 25, 2006 1
      I'm missing you Girl even though you're right here by my side Cause lately it seems The distance between us is growing too wid...

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