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DVD and CD uses

My family love to travel, and they enjoy taking lots of photo as they go.

I then become their computer specialist, always need to buy bunches of blank DVD and CD disks for them

Apparently, I use DVD for media a lot, cause a blank DVD has 4.7 GB capacity,  I could just gather up photos, video that I need and burn.

However, it's a kind of waste, that using dvd-r to write pictures only, DVD allows us to write a lot but if we've only got a few, let's say 500 photos, and we would just need a CD-r.


Sometimes last year I was upset of using NERO to burn a photo disk, and the software wouldn't let me.

According on the popup displays that I "should" use a CD-r to write the media instead of a blank DVD.

so I learnt to store some CDs with me, just to in case I would use it.





  1. 通常不是都會各買幾桶的?!

  2. 我不會欸..因為我個人只會需要DVD不會用到CD但是家裡的長輩不管這事的..他只要成果.. 不要求你用什麼做