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I update my computer often, but once I need to reinstall the computer, I get panic.

It's not easy even you have the CD disk, once the system is reinstall and update, the drivers or the peripherals need to update as well.

You might think that's still easy, but what if they aren't working properly, are you going to spend hours on it again? or maybe it's just the software out of the date and you don't know.


Well, then I found an interesting website, it's called DriversSofterware.

Please allow me to introduce such a cool website, cause it does help. 

We don't have to search all over from google, this website, will help us to solve relevant problems.


My computer is an acer notebook, and I've been reinstall it like 6 times within the year, and when I first time bought it, the operating system was from Winodws Xp to Windows Vista, and I was trying to make my acer drivers all compatible with Windows Xp.


Dig the website deeper and I even see the acer drivers category has different drivers type such as CDROM, modem and usb.

Therefore I would like to share DriversSoftware to friends who come to visit my blog.


 DriversSoftware:  - find your drivers easily here.




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