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Revelation of eternal life
I seldom recommended a book, but here, deep in my heart, I would like to introduce this book..
Even though, well.. I am not sure if it has the English version, but to friends who understand Chinese, I meant, let's join the journey with me!
When we talk about life, What does that mean? We all know its definition, but to think eternally, we define life by our own and it could mean anything to us..
How about exploring the word “Life”in Buddhism?

Chapter One: The secret in beauty
It's our dream for women like me, all wanna go to the beauty school, rather spend money on cosmetics just to keep young. But hey you know, here's a quicker way, to reach the goal.
Put the faith in Buddha, you will soon find the answer straightaway on yourself.
It gives the feeling of relief, like never before.

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我是在密教中心完成閱讀這一本書籍的,看完之後,身心感覺很relax 且很輕鬆,長時間盤腿席地而坐,卻沒有腳麻,反而還有股輕飄飄。