I feel not right

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I feel not right

I don't feel right at home now, i heard a wired sound, sounds like someone is playing with the lighter..

It makes me feel so bad, that when i need someone, the one isn't here. I know people all have their stuff need to do, I am not saying that i am important so that people should stand by ..

Chinq called me immediately when I msg him, how sweet is he.. :) but I felt that's not enough, cause he was driving, and I don't want him talk while driving, or should I say riding? Chinq prefered me go to bed earlier.. how would a person sleep thro.. while they fear bout something...?

Anyway, I don't wanna bother Jeff, cause he is sleeping now, and Eliza, well I guess she is having problems, I meant, she got hips of problems, bout 2 guys.. well.. let's leave her a quiet space.

That is a big lie, when someone says when you need me, I will be there. Even tho, I used to say it to people, to good friends, seriously, it's a big lie, you not hanging around with friends 24/7, everyone all got their own things to do, friend may feel sad while you are busy working.. sleepin'.. wondering around..

i am sad.. who find me sad?

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    yes I might seems a bit busy but if you give me a buzz or a call,
    I would like to talk to you, listen to your feelings...cause i know you need me..
    we are like best best friends and we know and understand each others,
    please dont be afraid to "bother" me with anything ok?! I love to hear from you baby! *muah*hugs*



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