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Linguistic study - Esperanto

Esperanto is developed to help people to communicate with someone from other country. Many Australian have not even heard of Esperanto, it's an international language that was launched more than 100 years ago in the hope that it would help to solve the world's language communication problem. There are more than 6000 different languages spoken in the world, we cannot possibly learn all the languages in our entire life. Esperanto is a language intended to serve as a neutral, fair, and relatively easy to learn 'lingua franca' for people belonging to different language communities, people otherwise would unable to communicate with each other.

The goal of the early pioneers of Esperanto was simple: People should cease fighting amongst themselves because of the national difference. People belonging to different nations and espousing different religions should strive to understand one another, and should keep trying to do this on the basis of complete equality between nations, cultures and languages.

There are many in the world still not see themselves as living and sharing in the kind of just, participatory, democratic, and egalitarian society. They are resentful and some are full of hate.

Kep Enderby Q.C., the president of the Universal Esperanto Association(UEA), he has participated in 31 world congresses in 20 different countries twenty years ago, and those congresses brought people together from more than 100 different countries, most have different first- languages. Many held differing political and religious views. Without a common language or a mass of interpreter to help them, together with a strong belief in the importance of dialogue in overcoming differences, such congresses would have been impossible.

Language is something we tend to take for granted as a basic means of communication. ...

to be continued..( still doing the writing )

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