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一眼瞬間 - English Version (I'll be there)

when the tear starts to fall 當眼淚開始掉
you feel no hope at all
dont you ever think of giving in 你別想放棄

the rain starts to fall 當雨開始下
everything seems so calm 一切好像都很
don't you ever frown 你不要皺眉
cuz i'll be around 因為我會在身

and late at night 在深夜
i'll close my eyes 當我閉上眼

and pray that one day you will find 祈禱有天 你會找到
the strength
inside to show you how to break through this time
發自內心的力量 會幫你
whenever you need someone i'll be there

你需要某個人 我會在你身邊
and everything will be okay 一切都會沒事

cuz we can pray that one day we'll find the love
that will lift us up to the sky 它會帶我們飛上天

whenever you need someone i'll be there
當你需要某個人 我會在你
and everything will be just fine 一切都會沒事
us hand in hand
we will make it through i'm sure 我深信我們可以一起熬過

this i promise you till the very end of time
這是我給你的諾言 一直到

through the good times and bad 所有快樂和難過
forever we'll
always stand 我們都會一起走
one another to keep our chins up high 有彼此
的陪伴 頦頭要抬高
and u dont have to be scared 你不用害怕

just as
long as im there 只要我在身邊

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