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我和Ron Stuart有個約會

1:50 am..

There's a phone call through the call in program.

the DJ: hello Mathew, what do you do on Christmas day, got school?

Mathew: go to school...


the DJ: I remember when i was a teen, my mother always ask me how's school? when i back home and i always say.. oh ma..

Mathew: Do you want to know what I say when my mom ask it?

the DJ: Ya, go ahead.

Mathew: ...

Mathew: Kiss my ass!

Both laugh out loud.


This Xmas I received a pack of chocolate from Aunite Boonie, flower from a classmate of mine, and cards from other people. sms from Annie and Cousin Ling, and hips of wishes through msgr. Thanks you all!!

I used to listen ICRT at night, my earphone on my ears hanging all night, even tho it's uncomfortable, I am kinda of get used to it.

A frew hours ago, just had deep talk with Jeffrety Lu, err.. Let's not talk about him, :P ( I know you gonna look it, I don't wanna say it, but mention your name.. so people would take a wonder)

Comon'! Since I met Jeff (not physically), and wherever I am, I can always hear the name -- Jeff.

Wow!! I meant.. I dont' have any friend call Jeff, and as soon as I know this Jeff, hips of Jeff shows up..

I wish there's only one (Jeff Lu) I know, so that I won't get confused... well.. obviously I won't get confused with this Jeff and the others (sinc we've been chatting (←spell right?) every night.  however, I would have the feeling of asking other Jeff to name other name.

And here you are.. Jeff.. (I am listing the ICRT now) a guy call Jeff just called in.. and he grabbed my attention as I stopped typing and listening..


I am always thinking that people who study in Taiwan won't actually know what I type when I type in English, I guess I am wrong, or I shouldn't be too sure about this statement, I meant, there always could be possible that poeple might interested in English, and they might study hard in English, for example: Ken, and ... others

I had my dispaly name as ⓣ - Happy Christmas and personal msg as 〝I leave you, cause I go far the more happy you are〞 I thought no one would notice it, I meant, even if they notice, they would never know.. cause .. people won't really understand it.. unless... there might be people like ABC or who cares about me..

Then a guy sent me a msg and said.. be happy alright? I was surprised! and I asked back..." From where you see I am unhappy" then he goes.. " From your personal msg"     I smile.

Tonight, I just wanna write as my brain flow..

Good night dear blog :)

A happy Xmas I had today, I enjoyed!


Who's Ron Stuart?

he's the DJ  :D