Interesting Phenomenon

Last night when I was talking to David, Mom asked me about Jeff, well.. I guess.. it seems his name comes up very often now when I am writing a blog, it means nothing, mom, here I would like to tell you something.. well.. it's my blog, whatever I write.. it could means something, and it could also means nothing.. Even tho you are so curious about my life, I mean.. not every blog need to be explained.. and not every blog need an excuse. Cause! What's wrong with a name Jeff that I've been mentioned on those blogs ? I don't know!? You tell me! 

Laugh out Loud (LOL) Let's not talk about it..

What I found an interesting thing was..

Sometimes, we get frustrated and couldn't get things done, we may need to think hard, but alternatively, we may give us a break, take a rest, while resting yourself, you get a clearer mind, and it helps you to get things done more efficiently.

It came up on my mind these days when I was talking to Uncle and Auntie, and a guy. well.. let's called him "PINK" He isn't a big "PINK" (the signer) fan, he just hasn't got a name for me. He said he needs to think for a while..LOL!!

Anyway, he said he is a designer... and he's been learning the design stuff ie like Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter, and .. something else I don't know.. (btw, he is non- English..Oh I will mentioned it later..) so yea... he learned when he was 16... therefore I guess that's pretty long time, and even tho I haven't had any chance to see his work, he may can do better than me... ya.. and I talked to him for couple mins.  (ps.. I haven't tell him that I am doing web design course as well) so we may can be good.. co-works .. on design.. poo.. web design I meant... partially..

Ok, I am going to talk about the English now.. God knows how important English could be, and how come people still don't try hard to learn it.. I remembered a couple months ago when I was tryinghard to find a Chinese Version of Photoshop, a graph designer said something and made me stop such stupid mind. Guess what he said? He said that the majority of photoshop grapher actually using English Version of Photoshop. Well... I did take this wonder.. and found out he's quite true!

So let's present an example..

PINK the guy i just mentioned.. he just told me that he had such a sux English.. and then he goes.. he know such such software..  ( ie  以拉斯催特)  oh sh**...

English, Such a wonderful word, and it's like a piece of art. and poets adored..... the "illustrator", when you spell.. and learn to pronounce.. see how beautiful the word is..

and you guys just... Gosh... screw it up!!