Not even mention to have a rest if nothing's completed

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Not even mention to have a rest if nothing's completed

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今天晚上,我想...我對自己是嚴格了點,要求自己沒做完就不可以休息,盯著電腦,檢查所有的錯誤,或是嘗試著做一些語法測試,還差點因為一直沒做好 改不成功 而心情煩躁,可是還是得靜下心,慢慢的一步步來,因為不管怎麼樣,這是我所選的課程,我對他有興趣,所以我要做好他
藉由CSS 串聯樣式表來做出一個普通網頁; 一個是要做出跟老師一模一樣的,另一個則是做出完全不同風格的樣式出來,聽起來或許不難,不過因為老師什麼都沒說,得自己去摸索,做出來後,還得讓全球網路協會W3C的檢查服務器來檢測是否你的樣式符合標準,若是不標準,就要一個個做修改了,你哪知道哪裡有出錯誤呢?

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  • I guess, I am tough to myself tonight, I don't have time seriously...
    Hips of things I need to do everyday, I need to preview the work I've done.. I am not that smart..and I have to do by myself... The first work I need to completed is the HTML CSS one.. We have to do two CSS layout. One is like the teacher's, another we need to make by our own, with a completely different look and feel. Geee... sounds very hard to do it.. well.. I tried at aleast.. I will show you guys later on.. but not now prehaps..^^"




    Flash again,
    however, I haven't done it, I am going to do it in a second, wakii wakii~~

    中午教Chris CSS 及HTML的時候,在時間不允許的情況下,我只有教一點點... 雖然他很謝謝我教他,可是我卻很對不起他,因為我想既然要教就要教會他..只教會他一半好像很不負責任...

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      I just want say hello and leave here my signature.
      I hope you have a wonderful week .
      Lovely kisses

    2. 你真的是很有心的女孩,我想你對自己要的心意很執著,你會成功的~



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