Just love it ❤ 愛不釋手 一口接一口

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Just love it ❤ 愛不釋手 一口接一口

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My auntie just back from Taiwan, she brought back a lot of foods from Taiwan~~^^

This evening, she gave me a pineapple cake! Lovely!! ^^ I haven't have that for ages!!

Another thing I feel so impressed was that.. production is from Taichung, believe or not, it's just one or two streets next to my house!

Oh no... I miss Taiwan a lot...>"<


These days I did not sleep well, I don't know why.. I am difinitely not "sleepless in syd", it just.. I don't even understand why I don't sleep even though I know I am tired?@@

I guess I saw Phomphan at school today, however, we act like we are strangers... that's bad..


This afternoon I had lunch with my dear Eliza, it was great and enjoyable. Thanks Eliza, thank you for inviting me for lunch!^^ luv u all the time!♡


What I was going to say?@@ oh.. we had electricity went off in the afternoon, therefore we finished class early, and I went home with Karen ( the girl I met at the other class, she is from Canton.)  We had the Client requirement assessment coming up in week 6 and week 12

Wow~~ this week is week3 already! I should start prepare my work now!


今天是伯母回來澳洲的日子,原來今天也是伯父的生日耶! 不知道爸爸有沒有notice到! 我不知道...因為伯父根本不會特別想過這一天阿,他不會像我一樣 我會很自然而然的說  歐~我生日是12月1號

anyway,  原來伯母早已心中盤算好在伯父生日這天回國,所以伯母是伯父的禮物! 大家通通贊同嘛?~^^

伯母帶回來的鳳梨酥 是俊美的耶!! 在家裡的附近~^^  記得從國小六級到國中三年,每天都會經過俊美那間餅店,尤其是傍晚的時候,特別可以聞到那個烘烤的糕餅味道~ 超香QQ


最近,都沒辦法睡好,不知道什麼原因>< 我很努力!! 可是我還是.. 睡不好..



今天中午有幸可以跟親愛的念念吃午餐,念念你好像變瘦了= =" 還是我上次在COFA沒看清楚你的樣子..我真的感覺你有瘦喔!!~ 要吃多點喔~ 


最近也要開始忙囉,因為很快就要四月啦!~ 四月放假耶~ 哇哈哈哈...才剛開學沒多久,四月12號又要放假了~^^ 好奇放什麼假嘛! Easter.. 就是!! 復活節

一大堆的考試阿 作業阿..陸續接踵而來,沒關係! 你來嘛~ 我會好好的處理的~^^


以下是我要跟親愛的媽咪講的話, 可以選擇不看的唷~^^






我想要一件外套,不要太厚,是像毛衣的外套, 因為學校尤其是電腦教室就像是冷氣房一樣! 我們班的同學有的還甚至會要求開電風扇,我冷阿 = ="









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  1. 親愛的,那天好開心跟妳一起吃lunch哦!!



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